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SplashBlasters Ultimate Collection

SplashBlasters Ultimate Collection

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⚠️SplashBlasters Ultimate Collection only for ages 12 and up

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The Summer Water Gun Collection features high-tech, high-performance water guns that will give you years of enjoyment!

Each gun comes with a charging cable and rechargeable battery


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Welcome to the Ultimate Collection of SplashBlasters.

Included with the most powerful electric water guns currently on earth!!


What does NEXT GEN Blasters mean?

The NEXT GEN (Next Generation) blasters are a revolutionary development of previous electric water pistols. These blasters stand out from conventional water pistols and offer an evolution in every respect.

Why choose NEXT GEN Blasters?

The NEXT GEN technology offers numerous advantages that take your water battles to a new level:

1. Increased Power Output: The NEXT GEN Blasters deliver impressive firing power by providing more water per shot and increased firing velocity. You'll be amazed at how powerful each shot is.

2. Large tank and battery capacity: One of the biggest challenges was combining a large water tank and a powerful battery. With the NEXT GEN Blasters, we managed to do just that. After numerous attempts, we made the impossible possible - the perfect balance between capacity and power.

Exclusively at SplashBlasters.
Only we have the best!


The HUNTER BLASTER specializes in exceptional range and achieves impressive distances of over 15 meters.

🔥 Automatic reloading: No more manual reloading – the HUNTER BLASTER recharges automatically.

💧 Very large capacity: With a tank volume of up to 1000 ml.

🦾 Leak-proof and durable: High-quality construction ensures leak-proof and long-lasting use.

🎯 Incredible range: Over 15 meters range for maximum fun.

Experience the ultimate water battle with the HUNTER BLASTER!


The SHADOW BLASTER is one of the most powerful water pistols in the world and is part of the NEXT GEN BLASTERS.


🤖 Innovative display: Shows number of shots and water capacity.
🔥 Automatic reloading: No more manual reloading – the SHADOW BLASTER recharges automatically.

🦾 Leak-proof and durable: High-quality construction ensures leak-proof and long-lasting use.

💧 Large capacity: With a tank volume of up to 1000 ml.

💥Incredible power: The SHADOW BLASTER has extremely strong water pressure and is designed for older children aged 12 and over under supervision.

🧬Experience the NEXT GEN technology with the SHADOW BLASTER!


High-Tech Vision Blaster: The Most Powerful Water Gun in the World

Experience pure power and ultimate fun with the high-tech Vision Blaster – the most powerful water gun in the world!


🤖 Innovative display: Shows number of shots and water capacity.

🔋 High-tech design: Large battery capacity for long-lasting action.

🔥 Automatic reloading: No more manual reloading.

🦾 Robust and drop-proof: Durable and resilient.

💧 Large tank: 1000ml water capacity.

🎯 Three shooting modes:
1. Quick shots
2. Strong single shots
3. Fatality Mode: A strong, uninterrupted beam

Win every water fight with the high-tech Vision Blaster – your opponent has no chance!

frequently asked Questions

How far can the water guns shoot?

All three water pistols in the SplashBlasters Ultimate collection – HUNTER BLASTER, SHADOW BLASTER and VISION BLASTER – shoot over 15 meters .

Do I need to replace the battery or is it rechargeable?

The battery is rechargeable . A USB-C cable is included with each gun.

How long does the charging process take?

On average, it takes about 90 minutes for a full charge and about 45 minutes for a 70% charge.

What age groups is the Ultimate SplashBlasters Collection suitable for?

The SplashBlasters are fun for everyone aged 12 and over ! Adult supervision recommended.

Summer fun for the whole family with SplashBlasters!☀️

Want to experience summer fun for the whole family ? Get the SplashBlasters Family collection! In addition to our premium water guns for adults, we also offer kid-friendly and more affordable options . ☀️