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SplashBlasters summer equipment

SplashBlasters summer equipment

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The Summer Water Gun Collection consists of high-tech, high-performance water guns that will give you years of enjoyment!

Each gun comes with a USB charging cable and rechargeable battery


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Choose your ultimate summer weapon


🔥 Automatic reloading
The Bodinator and Dad Cannon are equipped with an automatic reloading function. Simply immerse the cannon in water and the tanks will fill themselves.

💧 Big tank
Tank capacity is ordered from smallest to largest: Aqua Blaster, Aqua Defender, Hydro Blaster, Dad Cannon, Bodinator

🔋 Leak-proof
Each model is delivered fully insulated. No water can penetrate into the leak-proof battery compartment.

🦾 Durability
Each pistol is made of high quality material to fully meet customers' expectations.


Each weapon has a different firing range. Depending on which weapon you choose, you will either have to sacrifice distance for mobility or the other way around.

The choice is entirely yours!

Why choose SplashBlasters?

Perfect gift for children

Discover the ultimate joy for kids with SplashBlasters! This perfect gift conjures up smiling faces and bubbling emotions at every summer party. With fast, lively action, it brings unforgettable water fun for endless adventures. A gift that creates happy moments!

Choose your color-changing swim shorts

Get the complete SplashBlasters summer gear for this summer now!☀️

If you want to experience the ultimate summer fun , then shop our complete summer kit on special offer , consisting of SplashBlasters electric water guns and exceptional swimming trunks!

frequently asked Questions

How far can the water guns shoot?

Thunder Blaster: 12 Meter | Apex Blaster: 12 Meter

Dad Cannon: 10 Meter | The Bodinator: 10 Meter

Hydro Blaster: 7,5 Meter | Aqua Defender: 6 Meter

Aqua Blaster: 5 Meter

Do I need to replace the battery or is it rechargeable?

The battery is rechargeable . A USB charging cable is included with every gun.

How long does the charging process take?

On average, it takes about 90 minutes for a full charge and about 45 minutes for a 70% charge.

What age groups are the SplashBlasters suitable for?

The SplashBlasters are fun for everyone ages 3 and up ! Adult supervision recommended.

Does everything look too harmless and are you longing for even more POOWEER?!?!?

Then we have the Ultimate Collection for you! A collection of 3 water guns that are different from all others. Only for the bravest!!